China Post Tracking: Everything You Need to Know

David Chan | Jul 21, 2022 | Carriers

China Post is China’s official postal service, which is both a government-owned enterprise and a regulatory authority.

China Post offers package and parcel delivery services, including distributing parcels within China and sending items from China to other countries.

China Post tracking offers both international and domestic mail delivery; postal remittance, delivery of journals, books, and newspapers; stamp-issuing for mail; logistics services; postal express delivery; postal financial services; and so on.

In this article, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about China Post Tracking. Read on.

How Effective Is China Post Tracking?

China Post Tracking is highly effective and safe, provided you register the parcel.

To make sure that tracking is available, you should use a China Post service with tracking features available because not all offer tracking numbers for tracking your packages.

Sometimes, delays can affect the tracking of your parcel, which can be due to the registration or processing of the parcel.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to wait for some hours before tracking your parcels again.

China Post International Services include:

  • Small packages
  • large parcels
  • Express Mail Service-EMS

How Long Does It Take to Ship via China Post?

China Post provides delivery times that vary from seven days to three months.

However, the duration depends on the dimensions of the parcel, such as the weight and size of the parcel, not forgetting the degree of urgency of the shipment and the country of destination.

All these will play a role in the delivery time of the parcel.

Additionally, China Post’s international services handle:

  • Large packages
  • Small parcels
  • Express courier service-EMS Epacket

Package classification depends on the weight and size specifications.

However, using the following information below, you can ensure the type of parcel.

The weight of the parcel:

  • Any shipment with a weight of below 2 kg is a small package.
  • Any shipment having a weight ranging between 2 kg and 30 kg is a large package.

You should also note that the maximum weight for large parcels is restricted to many countries.

Countries, where the maximum weight is limited to 20kg for parcels, are:

  • Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Ukraine, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Philippines, and Tajikistan.
  • Delivery to Poland is limited to package weights of 15 kg.
  • For Singapore, the limit on the weight of products is 40 kg.

For the package size:

  • If the parcel is up to 30 kg, then the package must meet the following requirements as regards dimension: length-less than 1.5 meters; width-less than 3 meters
  • If the package is up to 20 kg, then it must meet the following guidelines: length-1.05 meters, width-less than 2 meters
  • The minimum package size must align with the following guidelines: length-greater than 0.24 meters, width-0.016 meters.

Additionally, the package size also affects the delivery times because large packages are not a priority for shipment.

As a result, they take a longer delivery time.

The delivery methods via air, such as Surface Air Lift and China Air Parcel, generally allow between five and thirty days for the receipt of a parcel.

Surface package deliveries may take more than one month.

The estimated delivery period for each delivery mode includes:

Air Transport to Countries Bordering China:

  • Europe and the United States-5 to 10 days
  • Latin America: 7 to 16 days
  • Africa, and other countries or regions–15 to 30 days

Air Parcels Surface Air Lift

  • Anywhere between 15 to 20 days, irrespective of the country of destination.

Surface Packages

  • 1 to 2 months, irrespective of the country of destination.

Packages ePacket

  • For the United States, 10 to 20 days
  • Shipping time may take a longer duration for other countries as a result of the delay in the required time to get the package across appropriate structures before getting it across to customers.

Delivery delays may be due to bad weather, holidays, customs issues, errors in the customer’s contact information, and so on.

What Is China Post’s Tracking Number?

For you to effectively track your parcels from China, you’ll require the tracking number of the China Post carrier associated with the parcel.

When you’re sending a parcel, a China Post officer will give you the China Post Tracking number after completing the Dispatch Note.

For recipients, you’ll need to request a China Post Tracking number so that you can monitor the progress of your China Post parcel.

However, if you made an online order from China, you can get the China Post Tracking number together with the order information in your account.

If you cannot find it, reach out to the seller of the product and ask for your China Post Tracking number.

A China Post delivery tracking number has a format:

  • For EMS Epacket-The tracking number begins with EA, then it is followed by numbers.
  • For service China Post Registered Airmail, the tracking number begins with R, then it’s accompanied by digits.
  • For service China Post Registered Surface Mail – Tracking number begins with a CP and then it is followed by digits
  • For service China Post Epacket, the tracking number begins with an L, and then digits follow it.
  • If CN ends the tracking number, then that indicates the shipment is from China.
  • If HK ends the tracking number, the shipment is from Hong Kong.

What Items Does China Post Not Ship?

China Post prohibits the shipping of several items.

You should refrain from them so that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

These items are:

1. Ammunition and firearms

2. Explosive items

3. Controlled appliances

4. Magnetic items include headphones, earphones, and so on.

5. Batteries and items that have batteries in them, like tablets, mobile phones, toys, etc.

6. Flammable liquids

7. Compressed and liquefied gasses with the containers

8. Solids that are flammable, spontaneously combustible materials, combustible and flammable  materials

9. Peroxides and Oxidants

10. Biochemical products, infectious substances

11. Toxic substances

12. Radioactive materials

13. Corrosive substances like nitric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, batteries, and so on.

14. Drugs and tools for drug use, like narcotics, psychotropic drugs, and others.

15. Illegal publications, audio-visual products, printed materials, and so on.

16. Illegal forged products like altered or counterfeit currency, official seals, certificates, and so on.

17. Special Spy Equipment

18. Intellectual property rights infringement, shoddy and sham items.

19. Endangered wild species and their products

20. Prohibited exit and entry items like medicines and foods that are dangerous.

How China Post Sends Packages Abroad

After getting your parcels ready, you need to remove the tags and packaging from them, otherwise, they will be taxed.

Proceed to a China Post office branch that offers international shipping services.

You should carry along a Chinese speaker if there’s a need for one.

Also, you shouldn’t carry items that China Post places a ban on unless you like Chinese prisons.

Place the packages in a box that is not sealed for inspection purposes.

Then seal it after the inspection at the China Post office with tapes.

There are different types of delivery methods you can select from at the China Post office.

Each one has its corresponding shipping duration and postal fees.

Complete the Dispatch Note as they have required and it should be in English.

Never forget to provide the contact details and don’t discard the receipt because you may need it if there are delivery exceptions.

How to Track a Package from China Post (ParcelPanel)

If you want to use China Post for shipping orders, you can use the ParcelPanel tool to track the packages.

ParcelPanel is a third-party order tracking tool that supports the tracking of postal couriers and worldwide 1078 express.

You can use a tracking number, reference number, or air waybill (AWB) number to trace and track a domestic item or single international package.

If you examine the status of bulk international packages shipping through China Post, ParcelPanel will show all the details of tracking in one location, from both the destination country and the origin country.

You can subscribe to an email delivery notification for the tracking result page of China Post shipping. Once you do, you’ll receive auto-alerts as soon as there are updates regarding your order status.

Additionally, ParcelPanel offers real-time information regarding your China Post item with delivery notification and auto-tracking. Solve the problem of no update after orders arrive in the destinations.

How Do I Change the Shipping Address for China Post?

Sad to say, if the parcel has sailed, China Post can not alter your shipping address.

However, if your parcel is yet to sail, you can reach out to your seller and ask him to alter your shipping address before they deliver it to China Post.

If you want to know where your package is, visit the China Post tracking page and input the China Post tracking number they gave you.

If it does not show the status of the package, then there is a high chance that the seller has not delivered it to China Post yet.

If that is the case, then you can still change your shipping address to the one you prefer by contacting the seller and asking him to review the shipping address.

If, however, this is not the case, you won’t be able to alter your shipping address anymore.

You have to monitor the status of your package on the China Post tracking page so that you don’t miss your shipment.

As soon as the order arrives in your country, you should contact the local post office and request for them to transfer it to your new address.

This service is offered in some countries, but there may be some additional costs.

Another option is to ask for the address of China Post’s local warehouse and pick up the package yourself.


China Post is the official company responsible for postal services in China.

China Post distributes items within China and from China to other countries.

With the China Post tracking number, you can track your parcel and know the status of your shipment.

Finally, Trackingmore offers the best service for China Post tracking.

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