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My friend asked one day, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY OF SHIPPING IN 2022? And I was like— What? It isn't easy to announce the VERDICT without going into the FUNDAMENTALS.

No doubt, our Sourcing experts have dealt with several cases of shipping. 

A decade of experience has made us achieve HIGHER OUTPUTS. In the end, your CUSTOMERS will be CONTENT with our in-time services.

Settling on one point and neglecting the other aspect of SHIPPING will make choices WRONG and REPENTABLE.

So, what to do in that case?

Easy. What can you do? Learn about the SHIPPING OPTIONS vetted by our experts. Till the end of GUIDE, you will crack code for FASTEST, CHEAPEST, and ON-TIME services.Here are the following types of SHIPPING OPTIONS.

Check them out.

  • Flat-rate shipping

Are you worried about INCREASING COSTS upon increasing weight? The size of the packet is larger? Only and only one SOLUTION.

Try FLAT-RATE shipping. It is a SHIPPING TYPE that allows you to ship the products at a fixed rate.

For example, if you use USPS, they will issue a BOX. Stuff whatever you can; it doesn't matter if the weight is HIGH or the dimensions are more extensive.

The CHARGES for the shipping box will be the same.



Best WAY to ship a package

You should TRY( not compulsory) when the product dimensions are small and fit into the BOX. But product weight is more. Simple talk. Something compact but weighty.


  • No weight count. That means you can save bucks on your bulk shipping. More savings ahead!
  • Free shipping


Free Shipping refers to 100% FREE SHIPPING. Is that even possible? Many customers ask us such questions. And the answer is yes— NO COST shipping is possible. At ALIBABA or eCommerce websites, most retailers or wholesalers offer FREE SHIPPING. All counts on your SUPPLIERS and MANUFACTURERS. From packaging to SHIPPING, everything is FREE.


For whom is it the best way?

For EVERYONE. I said, EVERYONE. No matter whether you have bulk inventory or are ordering a packet. Whether the product weight and dimensions are considerable or not. 

When you have the FREE SHIPPING opportunity, GRAB IT!


  • Free is FREE. You don't have to pay a SINGLE PENNY. It is a COST-SAVING option for retailers.
  • Real-time carrier rates

REAL-TIME and CARRIER are two different words. Once you crack the meanings, you absorb the WHOLE STORY. Real-time means the current and changing values as per the instant time.

So, what will be the REAL-TIME CARRIER RATES? SIMPLE. Current and exact shipping rates vary depending on the market shipping rates. They are charged when you are CHECKING out the product and paying the PRICE.

So, any pros? Yes

  • The shipping price is EXACT. So, REAL-TIME PRICE SYNCHRONIZATION makes it easy to determine the EXACT SHIPPING PRICE in the market—no HIGHER PRICES. You can save some bucks.
  • Local shipping


What is LOCAL?

Best WAY to ship a package

Do you know it? It refers to the DOMESTICLet me explain it with an EXAMPLE.

If you order from the ALIEXPRESS supplier and you live in the US. If the ALIEXPRESS supplier ships the products from the DOMESTIC WAREHOUSES in the US, it will be the LOCAL SHIPPING.

It is a better option with multiple benefits. Here are these:

  • FAST SHIPPING. Local shipping takes less time because the WAREHOUSE is around you. You save time; you invest in the right place. More business ahead!
  • FEWER COSTS. Local shipping doesn't include the CUSTOMS charges, VAT, or other duties for CROSS-BORDER shipping. So, the OVERALL cost is less.
  • Pick-up

Sometimes, when you track your ORDERS, it shows the PICK-UP. Do you know what that is? It means your products have arrived at the LOCAL collection centre.

For example:

Suppose your shipping carrier is in CHINA and sends products to you in Temecula, CA, US. The shipping method is USPS. The PICKUP location will be the local office of the USPS in Temecula, CALIFORNIA.

So, is it beneficial?


  • The shipping carrier determines the address to deliver. So, you have the freedom to take it by yourself or get it at your home address. No worries about the shipping address. Great, right?
  • Same-day delivery


What does the SAME-DAY mean?

Best WAY to ship a package

If you order a product on September 28, what do you mean by SAME-DAY delivery?

Simple CASE. The same day means you get the product on September 28. (more precisely, in a few hours, the product will be at your address)

Same-delivery is SUITABLE for short-term working articles. For example, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS or GROCERIES.

Same-day delivery is POSSIBLE with local shipping. Most AMAZON sellers or CHINESE sellers ship locally on the SAME DAY.


  • It is FAST and EFFICIENT. You get your item on the same day. Isn't it astonishing? It protects your food items from decaying earlier. So, no worries about the product decay
  • Overnight delivery

I considered it to be a SAME-DAY delivery. And even most people think so. But it is not. So, what is the difference between SAME-DAY DELIVERY and OVERNIGHT DELIVERY? Same-day delivery ships the products on the same(not a specific number of hours or time). Overnight shipping is GUARANTEED. If it says your product will arrive by 3 pm at your DOORSTEP, it will. In case of late shipments, you can claim a refund. (only possible if the sellers allow it)


  • It is FAST AND ACCURATE. The specific time ensures you receive the item by yourself at the particular time. No extra tension at what hours your product arrives.
  • Expedited shipping

Oh, it isn't evident not only for the drop shippers but also for the customers expecting the product reception. Expedited shipping is an UMBRELLA term. Not completely OBVIOUS, not too VAGUE.

So, what is expedited shipping? Expedited shipping takes less time than REGULAR delivery. For example, if the regular delivery takes FIVE DAYS, expedited shipping takes 2-3 DAYS.

So, what are the PROS of expedited shipping?

  • It is FASTER than regular. Usually, the shipper guarantees the delivery time. So, you get your product EARLIER and FASTER—an easy way to go without compromising MENTAL HEALTH.


How to choose the right provider to ship a small package?

Best WAY to ship a package

A small package doesn't TAKE much time because we have a BUNCH OF LOGISTICS that ship it FAST.  DHL, FedEx, or UPS offer to EXPRESS SHIPPING for small packages.

Here are some factors to look at for small package shipping.

  • Determine DELIVERY TIME

Delivery time determines; HOW FAST YOUR PRODUCT ARRIVES.

So, is your packet URGENT?

Choose FAST-SHIPPING options such as UPS. If they offer same-day or Overnight delivery, it is even better.

  • Check out PRICES

DELIVERY COST is crucial. You have to keep an eye on it. You can't pay the higher prices. So, go through multiple logistics, determine costs, and hit the shipping option to get your PRODUCT. Remember. You must JUSTIFY the shipping price.

  • Understand TRACKING system

Does the shipping company offer a TRACKING system? It is GREAT. You must choose a shipping company that enables the REAL-TIME tracking of products.


How much does it cost to ship packages?

Best WAY to ship a package

Shipping costs depend on VARIOUS FACTORS. These can be:

  • The WEIGHT of the package

Here are different logistics options. 

  • FedEx Charges

Flat-rate envelopes charge the price of $8.90 per item. Small boxes charge about $10. Your prices vary as per weight and size.

  • USPS charges

USPS first-class shipping charges start at around $3.01, but they may vary depending on your shipping packet size and weight. USPS Priority Mail Express starts at $7.16 but depends on the size and weight.

  • UPS charges

UPS costs for a small package around $7-$12. Again, it depends on the size and weight.


What is the best way to ship packages internationally?

Best WAY to ship a package

Before choosing the BEST OPTION, what are your shipping requirements?

  • Is it time?
  • Is it the price?

When shipping internationally from the US, you have multiple options to send the ITEMS.

The top logistics companies include:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx

USPS has the cheapest shipping rates depending on the DESTINATION ADDRESS and weight of the package.

UPS has broader coverage. It is available in numerous countries, offering a FAIR SHIPPING COST.

FedEx is the FASTEST. They have priority mail and express shipping options. It was a bit expensive but a fair price for shipping inventory to a more considerable distance.

So, what is the best among these?

CONFUSING. All are the best. You can compare the prices, determine your shipping requirements, and use any of these LOGISTICS companies.

ePacket is the BEST option if you are shipping from CHINA. 

Whatever logistics company you choose, you need an efficient all-in-one package tracking solution to to keep track of shipments and make sure that they get into your customers' hands.


Best way to ship based on package size

Package size can be in inches and feet. Depending on the package size, you have to choose the correct shipping option. 

Here are multiple best options.

  • Best Way to Ship Envelopes or Flats

First-class envelopes and Flat Rate envelopes are the BEST options to go for lope shipping. They offer the lowest prices. The USPS provides the lowest price in this option.

  • Best way to ship Cubic boxes

Cubic boxes have four corners, and their size is calculated based on the size. The best option with the lowest shipping rates is USPS PRIORITY MAIL.

  • Best Way to Ship Small Packages

USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail, Priority Mail Package, or Flat Rate— all offer the lowest rates compared to competitive sites.



Best way to ship based on package weight

Shipping costs vary based on the WEIGHT.

Therefore, we have listed the best shipping options based on the charges as per the weight.

  • Under 1 Pound

Under 1 pound package weight, USPS is the best option.

  • USPS First Class Package $6.25
  • UPS Ground® $13.18
  • FedEx Ground $12.78
  • Under 5 Pounds

For 5 pounds or less weight, USPS can be your CHOICE.

  • USPS Retail Ground $6.25
  • UPS Ground® $19.50
  • FedEx Ground $18.91
  • Under 10 Pounds

For 10 pounds, FedEx is a better option with reasonable charges.

  • USPS Retail Ground $38.95
  • UPS Ground® $31.08
  • FedEx Ground $30.14
  • For 50+ Pounds

For 50+ pounds, FedEx is a better option.

  • USPS Retail Ground $120.60
  • UPS Ground® $118.69
  • FedEx Ground $115.12


Best way to ship based on delivery speed

Different carriers offer different prices and shipping times. The main question arises as to whether the shipping speed is FAIR. Let's consider a product weight of 4 pounds from New York to Los Angeles; there are different options.

  • For 2-3 Days Shipping

For a 2-3 Days shipping option, you can use USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

But what is best for shipping?

  • USPS Priority Mail—$24.05
  • UPS 3 Day Select®—$55.01
  • FedEx Express Saver —$62.25

Here are the prices, and USPS is the BEST option in that case.

  • For Overnight Shipping

For overnight shipping, you might consider other options, such as:

  • USPS Priority Mail Express—$24.05
  • UPS Next Day Air®—$141.70
  • FedEx First Overnight—$193.20

UPS and FedEx offer guarantees for the next day's shipping. You can get your money back if the logistics company fails to deliver the item.


Best rates for 2-3 day delivery

Are you getting the best options for the 2-3 Days delivery? No problem. You have multiple options with DIFFERENT PRICES.

  • USPS FIRST CLASS is the best option for LIGHTWEIGHT packages with a starting price of $4.50, which increases the weight and worth of the box. The shipping time is 2-5 Days.
  • USPS Priority Mail is another option with 1-3 shipping days. The shipping cost is $8.70 or more, depending on your package.
  • If you transport items from the US to Canada, FedEx is the better option, with a price of $12.05.
  • FLAT RATES are suitable for package weights of above 70 pounds.


Best rates for next-day delivery

Want to get the ITEM the next day?  Almost all companies offer a next-day delivery option to customers.

Let's check out the following options with the best rates for each option.

  • USPS is the CHEAPEST with a price of $26.95 or more, depending on multiple price-changing factors.
  • A competitive option for this is UPS Next Day Air Saver, which charges $29.66.
  • FedEx Standard Shipping is also a good option if the shipping distance is within 150 miles. $31.22 per shipping.

Remember. Prices might change as they are REAL-TIME and depend on the local market costs. So, check out the pricing of each option and choose the cheapest one.

All the above companies are RELIABLE and offer the BEST SELECTION.


Save on shipping costs with Shopify Shipping

Shopify offers SHIPPING OPTIONS through the use of these services.

You can use:

  • DHL Express
  • UPS
  • USPS

You get FLAT SHIPPING rates and average shipping rates through Shopify that are less than the original prices of these logistics.

The sellers can offer discounted prices or flat shipping charges to the customers.

So, any pros to using the Shopify Shipping Options?

  • Shopify shipping is FLAT-RATE. Most suppliers offer a flat rate upon shipping the products. So, you save some bucks and invest in the right place.
  • Sometimes SHIPPING is 100% FREE. If the supplier allows free shipping, that is great. You promote your business with that money and enjoy higher business dealings.


Tips to keep shipping costs down

Are shipping costs unaffordable for you? Oops. Is there any option? Yes. MODERN PROBLEMS HAVE MODERN SOLUTIONS.

Here are some tips to reduce the overall shipping costs.

  • Reduce the Weight

Don't send unnecessary weight. Everything counts on the WEIGHT. If your weight is 6 pounds, reduce it to five pounds or less to make the package qualify for LOWER RATES.

It significantly SAVES the cost.

  • Choose the Flat Rate Shipping

Flat-rate shipping doesn't count on the package's SIZE or weight. 

If you have a HIGH WEIGHT item, it is the best option to reduce the shipping COSTS.

  • Use Shopify Shipping

Shopify shipping is another excellent option. Shopify charges the FLAT rates or Real-time prices.

All of them are less than the USPS or other options.

Try it! It won't disappoint you.

HUNDREDS of shipping options. But what is reliable? When is it reliable? All these questions can be answered if you know the shipping weight, size, and destination country. You can CHOOSE any shipping option but ensure the prices are LOWER and affordable for you. Are you waiting for what? Choose the BEST option right away!


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