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YunExpress Logistics is a Chinese logistics company founded in April 2014. YunExpress Co., Ltd. is actively involved in providing global shipping services from China and order package fulfillment services to its customers from other parts of the world.

YunExpress Logistics provides cross-border B2C (Business to Consumer) lines that make available a self-contained plan for first-mile delivery, commercial customs clearance in the destination country, and the use of experienced logistics service providers for last-mile delivery. YunExpress cross-border logistics has gained the faith and admiration of customers with its timeliness and cost-effective services.

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How Effective is YunExpress Logistics?

Yunexpress Logistics is a world-class logistics company with provisions like over 50 self-operated international direct lines.

Logistics routes worldwide spanning more than 220 countries.

More than 60 overseas logistics partners.

Over five self-operated brokers.

An overall average delivery time of 3–7 days, depending on the destination country: 

With optimized logistics operations, cutting-edge IT solutions, and efficient transportation solutions, Yunexpress Logistics provides a fully functional business-to-consumer logistics service.

What categories of business-to-consumer (B2C) logistic services does Yunexpress operate in?

Due to differences in shipping requirements and customer preferences, Yunexpress has numerous tailor-made services for different customers, locations, and product types. The business-to-consumer (B2C) plans are six types, listed below:

  • YunExpress Registered Priority
  • YunExpress Registered Standard
  • YunExpress Registered Standard General
  • YunExpress Priority Direct
  • Yunexpress Middle-East Registered DDP
  • Yunexpress Middle East Direct.

corss-border B2C lines

What package sizes are allowed under the YunExpress Business to Consumer Lines?

The weight of packages for shipment to different countries is listed below:

  • A weight of between 0 to 3 kgs is allowed for the UK, Germany, US, and Spain, respectively, while a weight of 0 to 2 kg is allowed for France and Italy.
  • The maximum package dimension allowed is 60 × 40 × 35 cm. It is streamlined based on the package destination, as described below:
  • A maximum dimension of 60 cm × 30 cm × 30 is allowed for packages to be sent to the German packing station.
  • The maximum dimension for the UK, US, France, Italy, and Spain is 60cm × 30cm × 30cm.
  • An extra dimension of 10cm × 5cmis allowed for packages shipped to the UK, US, France, Italy, and Spain for an extra 150RMB/shipment.

How long does it take to ship packages under the Yunexpress Business to Consumer Lines?

  • The time frame for package delivery depends on the destination of the shipped package.
  • It takes 3-5 business days to deliver packages to the UK.
  • It takes 5-8 business days to deliver packages to countries like Germany, France, Italy, the US, and Spain, respectively.

What items are not allowed for shipping on Yunexpress Business to Consumer lines?

Yunexpress Registered Priority prohibits the shipping of several items. Discussed below are items that are not allowed for shipment on the YunExpress Business to Consumer Lines. -

  • Pure battery chemicals except for built-in batteries. -
  • Prohibited liquids like acids and poisons.
  • Dangerous and hazardous gasses.
  • Prohibited powder, guns, and ammunition are not allowed on the YunExpress Business to Consumer Lines.

How does YunExpress send packages abroad?

The package sender prepares the parcels by making sure they are free from tags and labels. This prevents unnecessary taxation by customs officials. -

  • Visit a branch of YunExpress close to you and choose your preferred business-to-consumer (B2C) line/plan; each one has its corresponding shipping duration and postal fees. 
  • Fill in all important information such as address and contact details on the dispatch note or other documentation. -
  • Submit the package to a YunExpress courier after proper and complete communication.

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How to track a package sent through YunExpress Business to Consumer Lines?

Tracking of packages sent through the Yunexpress Logistics line is made possible by third-party companies like ParcelPanel.

ParcelPanel makes provision for tracking using applications, website user interfaces, and APIs that are attached to merchant websites for dropshippers.

To track your package or parcel, you only need to type in the package's tracking number to trace and track the item.

ParcelPanel also provides a notification update feature that sends updates to the parcel receiver from time to time.

Packages can also be tracked directly from the YunExpress website.

Yunexpress tracking page

How do I change the shipping address for YunExpress?

YunExpress does not allow changes to the shipping address after submitting the parcel or package to the local courier. The change can be made via a direct call or mail to the local courier service.

In what countries are YunExpress services available?

Yunexpress Logistics services are available in the following countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy, US, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Does Yunexpress place restrictions on package value?

Yunexpress has restrictions for packages depending on the B2C line through which packages are freighted. The restrictions declaration for each plan is discussed below :

- Yunexpress Germany Registered:

 Packages exceeding 163 USD are not allowed on this B2C line. There is a VAT charge on packages between the range of 24 USD and 163 USD.

- Yun Express Registered Standard:

For the Yunexpress Registered Standard B2C line, the value restrictions for the countries respectively are UK - 175 USD; US - 800USD, Australia - 1000 USD, South Africa 30 USD, Canada - 20 CAD.

- Yunexpress Germany Registered: 

Packages with a declared value exceeding 135 USD are not allowed on the Japan direct line service of Yun Express.

- Middle-east Registered DDP: 

Packages with a declared value exceeding 260 USD are not allowed on the middle-east Registered DDP.

- Yunexpress Priority Direct: 

Packages with a declared value exceeding 24 USD are not allowed under the Yun Express Priority Direct B2C line.

What are the packing requirements for packages sent through the Yunexpress Business to Consumer line?

The accepted requirement is that cylindrical or irregular packages are not allowed. Labels should be flatly pasted on the largest sides of the package.

What are the return and redelivery policies for Yun Express?

The package return and redelivery service offered by Yunexpress depends on the business-to-consumer line that is used to send the packages. Each policy is discussed below :

  • Yun Express Priority Registration:

-The return service from overseas countries is not supported.

-Redelivery service is available in the UK and the conditions are as follows :

A redelivery fee of 40RMB/shipment is charged in the event a customer requests a return.

YunExpress will redeliver the parcel free of charge if it is returned for the customer's reasons, for example, if the label is worn or the package is damaged during transportation.

The redelivery service is valid for 1 month. The customer shall check and select the redelivery service within a month; otherwise, the package will be deemed to be destroyed after a month.

-Redelivery services are available in the US for 40 RMB/shipment. The validity time is 15 days, after which the package will be deemed to be destroyed.

-Redelivery service is available in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, and the standard is a redelivery fee of 50RMB/shipment and a validity period of two weeks.

  • YunExpress Registered Standard:

This channel provides redelivery services as follows :

The UK for 40RMB/shipment and a redelivery deadline of 1 month before the package will be destroyed by default.

The US for 30RMB/shipment and a redelivery deadline of 15 days.

European countries for a fee of 50RMB/shipment and a redelivery deadline of 2 weeks.

Canada: The delivery charge is proportional to the parcel weight. The redelivery deadline is 1 month.

  • YunExpress Germany Registered:

Redelivery service is available on YunExpress Germany Direct Line Registration but the return service from Germany is not supported.

YunExpress only redelivers the package returned to the warehouse for a fee of 50RMB/Shipment.

-The redelivery service is valid for two weeks; otherwise, the package will be deemed to be destroyed after two weeks.

  • Japan Registered Direct :

-The redelivery is allowed on the Japan direct line registration of YunExpress, but return service is not allowed.

-The redelivery fee is 40RMB per shipment.

-The redelivery service is valid for two weeks.

-Delivery to an FBA warehouse address, military address, or Amazon address is not supported by Japan Direct Line Logistics.

Conclusion :

YunExpress is a worldwide shipping company with Chinese origins. Yunexpress Logistics is incorporated with numerous companies and third-party facilities. It is made up of cross-border business-to-consumer lines (B2C), fulfillment by Amazon Integration (FBA), and postal service integration.

It allows for package tracking through third-party services like ParcelPanel Order Tracking, and packages can also be tracked directly from the website.

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