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Ecom Express is a leading logistics company dedicated to the e-commerce industry in India. Use ParcelPanel, the best Ecom Express tracking tool for ecommerce! Automate Ecom Express Courier tracking, provide full visibility and keep customers updated via email.
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About Ecom Express

Ecom Express Private Limited (abbrev. Ecom Express) is an India-based leading logistics solution company headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, that meets the delivery needs of the Indian e-commerce industry. T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana, and Late. Sanjeev Saxena established this company in 2012.

The company delivers to over 2,700 towns and more than 27,000 pin codes, covering all 29 states of India. With end-to-end cutting-edge technology, it provides first-mile pickup, processing, network optimization, and last-mile delivery, ensuring proper safety and transparency of the service. This is one of the fastest logistics service providers, with over 50,000 employees, 3,000+ delivery centers, and the capability of delivering to over 95% of the population of India, which is around 1.2 billion people.

The services offered by Ecom Express include-

  • Ecom Express Service (EXS)
  • Ecom Fulfillment Service (EFS)
  • Ecom Digital Services (EDS)
  • Ecom Ground Services (EGS)
  • All-in-One Ecom Magnum Solution
  • Tailor-Made Reverse Logistics

Ecom Express is currently ranked among the top 10 Indian couriers Although it is not comparable with Delhivery, DTDC, Blue Dart, FedEx, Gati, and eKart Logistics, it is more popular than India Post, XpressBees, Shiprocket, and others. Moreover, Ecom Express is now expanding its footprint beyond the Indian border. In early 2021, the company invested for the first time and created a partnership with Paperfly, one of the largest third-party e-commerce logistics companies in Bangladesh.

Ecom Express Tracking

Ecom Express provides fast delivery services all over India, including all major cities and remote locations. The service includes tracking that helps customers track their package from dispatch to delivery and have peace of mind.

Ecom Express Courier Tracking

Since December 2022, Ecom Express has provided Express Plus service, which delivers packages to even the most remote areas of the country within 24 to 48 hours. The service makes use of multiple modes of transportation, including air freight, to guarantee on-time delivery. Therefore, this service is ideal for meeting urgent shipping needs and it aims to help e-commerce businesses and DTC brands gain an edge in the competition.

The service includes a tracking feature that automatically updates shipment information from when the shipment is picked up from the warehouse or seller until it is delivered to the customers.

Ecom Express Surface Tracking

Ecom Express Ground Service (EGS) is the Ecom Express surface logistics solution that meets the delivery demands of mid-weight goods. Online purchases of medium-weight goods necessitate specialized handling. Bulky shipments weighing up to 30 kg can be shipped via the Ecom Ground Service with greater precision and care.

By choosing the Ecom Express surface service, you'll be given an Ecom Express tracking number, allowing you to stay updated on the latest shipment status.

Ecom Express AWB Tracking

Every shipment registered with Ecom Express receives an air waybill number, also known as an AWB number. This number is also referred to as the tracking ID of the shipment. Generally, the Ecom Express AWB number only consists of 10 digits.

The Ecom Express AWB number is provided to the sender when they create the shipping request. Then, the sender forwards the AWB number to the customers via a shipping confirmation email or text message so that they can track their orders.

The number can be entered into the Ecom Express tracking tool or a third-party shipment tracking website like ParcelPanel. The tracking information includes the latest shipment status, transit locations, time and date, the estimated delivery time, etc.

Ecom Express Return Order Tracking

Ecom Express return order services include Reverse Logistics and QC-Enabled Reverse Logistics (RVP+) services to help businesses simplify returns management.

The Reverse Logistics service provides on-time pickup and delivery of the shipment back to the established partner within 24 to 72 hours. The service is accessible every day (365 days) of the year. So, no matter whether it is a weekend, festival, or public holiday, shipments can be returned so that the end customers can get their refunds on time.

The QC-Enabled Reverse Logistics (RVP+) involves a quality check upon doorstep pickup. That is, well-trained associates will be sent to the designated pickup locations to carry out quality checks on different types of products, be they smartphones, apparel, electronic gadgets, clothing, or household goods. Depending on the conditions of the products and the evaluation of the customer return policies, customers can return their packages and get a refund or replacement fast.

Myntra Ecom Express Tracking

Myntra is one of the most renowned e-commerce platforms in India, providing lifestyle and fashion products. Although the company was acquired by Flipkart and the majority of the shipping is handled by eKart, Ecom Express is one of the delivery partners.

Customers who purchase from Myntra can get their AWB numbers from the Myntra app and know the courier. As for all packages handled by Ecom Express, tracking updates are accessible via the Ecom Express tracking system. Customers can use their airway bill number to get updates from a third-party package tracking website like ParcelPanel.

Flipkart Ecom Express Tracking

Flipkart is one of the India's largest e-commerce platforms. It has its own logistics service, eKart, and conducts almost 90% of the shipping via its in-house logistics service. However, eKart has some limitations and does not serve every part of India. Therefore, it meets some of its delivery needs through Ecom Express.

Flipkart, like Myntra, has an app where customers can access their order details and obtain their airway bill number. Customers can find the Ecom Express AWB number sent to them through the shipping confirmation email, text message, or the Flipkart app to track their package handled by Ecom Express.

Meesho Tracking Ecom Express

Meesho is another trusted ecommerce platform in India selling various items, including fashion apparel, home appliances, electronics, kitchen accessories, and more. Ecom Express is one of the delivery partners meeting Meesho's shipping needs.

Customers purchasing from Meesho can check their order details and airway bill numbers from the Meesho app, which they can use to track their packages from pickup to final delivery in the same way that customers track their orders from Flipkart or Myntra.

How to Track Ecom Express?

The Ecom Express tracking ID provided with the package or shipment is the key to tracking that package. If you have the Ecom Express tracking ID, you can use it in the Ecom Express tracking tool or a third-party tracking service like ParcelPanel.

The following is how to track an Ecom Express package using the integrated tracking tool on the Ecom Express official website and ParcelPanel.

By Using Ecom Express Tracking

Follow these steps to track your Ecom Express package or freight shipment using the Ecom Express tracking tool. First, go to the Ecom Express official website and find the tracking tool on the right side of the homepage.


Enter your Ecom Express tracking ID or reference number in the tracking field of the tool and click on the "Track" button. Then, the Ecom Express tracking tool will appear on the screen with a detailed shipment history from "Information Received" to "Shipment Delivered."


By Using ParcelPanel

Follow these steps to track your Ecom Express package or freight shipment using the ParcelPanel tracking tool.

First, go to the ParcelPanel official website. Click on the option titled "Carriers" in the top menu bar.

On the carriers page, there is a list of carriers and a carrier search bar to help you easily find your courier.

Type "Ecom Express" on the carrier search bar and click to access the "Ecom Express Tracking" service that appears under the search bar.


The Ecom Express Tracking page will show up on your screen, containing a tracking tool. Enter your Ecom Express tracking ID in the tracking field and click the "Track" button.

Then, a new tracking page containing the Ecom Express shipment tracking information will appear. There is an arrow sign on the right side of the tracking result. Clicking on it will reveal the shipping journey in detail.


Apart from the official website, ParcelPanel offers another shipment tracking option: the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app. The app is specifically designed for Shopify and WooCommerce merchants. Once the app is installed, a branded tracking page that matches your branding will be created automatically. After you put the tracking page on your storefront, customers will return more often to your store after making purchases to check the latest shipment updates.


ParcelPanel Order Tracking app provides various customization options to deliver an on-brand order tracking experience, effectively reduce WISMO inquiries, build trust, and boost sales with AI-powered product recommendations.

The ParcelPanel app is the best order tracking app for Shopify merchants, rated 5 out of 5 stars based on over 1,700 reviews. We recently launched a series of major updates, making the app more user-friendly and easier to use.

Ecom Express Tracking ID

Shipments or packages registered at Ecom Express for delivery are assigned a unique combination of codes named AWB number (airway bill number) or tracking ID. This number serves as the identifier of the package or shipment handled by Ecom Express.

The Ecom Express tracking ID can be found on the shipping label, or the sender can include it in the shipping confirmation email or text message. Working with Ecom Express, you can also check the order details or order history by logging in to your Ecom Express account.

Ecom Express Tracking Number Format

The standard Ecom Express AWB number, which also serves as the tracking number, comprises 10 numerical digits.

Ecom Express Tracking Number Example

The following are some Ecom Express tracking number examples to help you identify your Ecom Express tracking ID.

  • 9906657212
  • 9979605894
  • 3209276719
  • 9922045849
  • 9956827758
  • 3195590150
  • 9955473241

Ecom Express Tracking Status

The short status is often used to indicate the shipment progress. The following are the common Ecom Express tracking statuses and their meanings you will see while tracking your package.

Ecom Express Tracking StatusMeaning
Information ReceivedThe shipment has been registered in the Ecom Express system and has been assigned an Ecom Express tracking ID.
Pickup CompletedAn Ecom Express deliveryman has picked up the shipment from the sender.
In-TransitThe shipment is being transported from one Ecom Express facility to the next and is on its way to its final destination.
Shipment at Delivery CenterThe Ecom Express shipment has arrived at the delivery center and will be handed over to the deliveryman shortly.
Out for DeliveryThe shipment has been handed over to the deliveryman, and the person is on the way to the delivery address.
Shipment DeliveredThe recipient has received the Ecom Express shipment successfully.
Order CancelledThe seller or sender has canceled the shipping request.
UndeliveredThe delivery attempt was unsuccessful. The reason could be the wrong address, the absence of the recipient, or something else.

Ecom Express Tracking FAQ

What is Ecom Express?

Ecom Express is an India-based logistics solution provider for the ecommerce industry, established in 2012. It delivers packages to over 2,700 towns (27,000+ pin codes) across India, including remote locations.

How to contact Ecom Express delivery boy?

You can contact the Ecom Express delivery boy before receiving your package in two ways.

  • Go to the "Contact Us" section on the official Ecom Express website. Click on the "Order/Package Query" option. Fill out the form with your name, email address, AWB number, query category, phone number, and a message requesting the delivery man's contact information, then click the "Submit" button.
  • Call Ecom Express customer service and request the delivery man's contact information. Give the customer service representative your Ecom Express AWB tracking number and any other information needed so that they can identify your package and assist you accordingly.

What is airway bill number in Ecom Express?

The airway bill number (AWB number) in Ecom Express is the unique code provided to the packages registered in the Ecom Express system. The airway bill number acts as the identifier of the packages, and it is used as the tracking number.

You can get the shipping details by entering the waybill number in the Ecom Express tracking tool or any third-party site.

How about Ecom Express delivery time?

Ecom Express is one of the fastest delivery service providers in India. Usually, it completes the delivery within 24 to 72 hours. However, the Express Plus service delivers shipments faster, within 24 to 48 hours.

Ecom Express Customer Care

Contact Ecom Express customer care if you need assistance regarding Ecom Express tracking or other issues such as shipment delays, loss, missing, or damage.

  • Ecom Express Head Office Address

10th Floor, Ambience Corporate Tower II

Ambience Island, Gurugram, Haryana-122002 (India)

  • Ecom Express Registered Office Address

Ground floor, 13/16 min, 17 min, Samalka

Old Delhi - Gurugram Road, Kapashera

New Delhi - 110037 (India)

  • Ecom Express Customer Care Email Address

[email protected]

  • Ecom Express Contact Number

✔ For queries related to shipment or other issues, dial +91-8376888888.

Automated IVR support is available 24/7.

✔ To sign up for service, dial +91-8826398220 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

  • ChatBot

A chatbot is available on the Ecom Express official website. You can get answers to your queries through the chatbot as well.


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